Tajikistan, Belarus sign fifteen cooperation documents

2018-05-16 11:30:01 | Politics | 0 | 406


An official visit of Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko to Tajikistan has resulted in signing of fifteen cooperation documents, including a roadmap for Tajikistan-Belarus cooperation for the period up to 2020, which includes priorities of bilateral cooperation between the two countries.

The roadmap for Tajikistan-Belarus cooperation was signed by co-chairmen of the Tajik-Belarusian commission for trade and economic cooperation Tajik Minister of Agriculture Izatullo Sattori and Belarusian Minister of Agriculture and Food Leonid Zayats. 

The foreign ministries of the two countries signed the plan of consultations for 2019-2020.  

Tajikistan’s Accounts Chamber and Belarus’ State Control Committee signed a cooperation agreement.

The National Academy of Sciences of Belarus and the Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan signed a cooperation agreement.  

The State Forensic Examination Committee of Belarus signed agreements with the Interior Ministry and the Ministry of Justice of Tajikistan on cooperation in the field of forensic examination activities.  

Besides, education, health and industry ministries of the two countries signed cooperation agreements.

Belarus’ State Committee on Property and Tajikistan’s State Committee on Land Management and Geodesy signed a cooperation agreement.  

Tajikistan and Belarus also signed the plan of action on expansion of trade, economic and humanitarian cooperation between their capital cities.  


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