The illiterate opposition is the tragedy of the nation

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In political science, the popular word "opposition" today is a party
or group that opposes the opinion of the majority or with the
prevailing opinion, proposes an alternative policy, another way of
solving problems. The main functions of political opposition in the
state are critical assessment of the activities of the ruling forces,
control over the quality of decisions and their implementation,
providing a possible alternative to the current government, not only
in competition for key positions, but in a constructive ideas dispute.
In this sense, in Tajikistan today, there is no serious literate
political opposition. Since, all those homegrown groups that position
themselves as such, in fact, they are not. Having no peaceful
purposes, creative tasks and programs, or variants of their
implementation, without finding convincing scientific arguments for
polemics and dialogue, those who oppose themselves to the
constitutionally elected authority (the terrorist-extremist
organization of the Islamic Revival Party of Tajikistan (TEO IRPT),
the Group of 24 , "Forum of Free Thinkers of Tajikistan", "People's
Movement of Reforms and Development of Tajikistan", "United
Tajikistan"), use curses and engage in bazaar squabbles. Although one
of the revolutionaries warned: you cannot lose your temper, even when
you are right.
This kind of behavior is not news in history and politics. Back in the
19-20 centuries it was widely popular saying that "war is the argument
of one who does not have arguments." We encounter this on a regular
basis, when the abovementioned groups, with their frenzied slander,
are trying to provoke a conflict and civil confrontation, to set up
the society for strife. Recently, these organizations have shown
aggression in the context of information warfare or "street
democracy", allowing extremist slogans, provoking riots. At the same
time, there is not a single word of truth in their speeches, not a
single scientifically, historically or politically credible fact. They
are "terribly far from the people", slander from the EU countries with
the support of Iranian and other special services. The face of the
so-called "The opposition" is the TEO of the IRPT. It is sung by other
"voiced" actors, who have drawn on one endless song, advertising
themselves and their own "merits". At that time, as they brought a lot
of grief to the Tajik people and are its national tragedy.
Rating so-called opposition forces shows that the majority of the
population expresses complete indifference or dislike of their leaders
who fulfill the order of foreign sponsors-ideologists. The leaders of
these "opposition" associations are perceived by the people not as a
real political force, but as criminal and absolutely meaningless from
the point of view of opposition to the ruling elite, who have become
familiar with the media. Among the latter are the activists of the
Feasibility Study of the IRPT, which provoked the civil war of the
90s. and an attempt of a coup in Tajikistan in 2015, as well as random
people who do not have authority, worthy education, clear thinking,
political practice, scientific approach to their activities.
Social demand for the existence of opposition forces is relevant.
Despite the fact that Tajikistan is systematically developing in the
right direction, competent, productive opposition is necessary. The
function of opposition figures and parties is neither in the loud
counteraction to the ruling top, but in the time to support the
authorities and the population with external threats to the integrity
and security of the state, national interests. For example, at the
present time when the terrorist threat actually exists. Instead, we
hear only lies, slanders and provocations from them. That is,
terrorists cover and condone terrorists.
The classic who wrote a century ago is right: "It does not surprise me
that in the situation in which these people are, it remains only to
respond with shouts, hysterics, abuse and wild antics, when there is
no other reason ..."
Due to the total insolvency of the so-called opposition organizations,
whose creative results do not exist in the Republic of Tajikistan, new
notable political figures have not appeared for many years. Although
the society is ready to form a fresh political force, not just calling
itself the opposition, but which would professionally and
patriotically contribute to the development of a strong unified state.
In a secular, democratic, independent Tajikistan, the opposition is
called upon to be an important part of its political processes. This
does not happen with the Tajik opposition. In its ranks there is no
convincing concept, consistent strategy and solidarity in solving
state problems. Constructive opposition is a consolidated force,
though standing on a different political, ideological basis, on a
different concept in eliminating problems, but for the sake of the
prosperity of the state. In the camp of the current "opposition"
slanders: "The leadership does everything wrong. When we come to
power, we will show how to act." In anticipation of coming to power
tomorrow, they do not benefit society and the state today.
On the contrary - purposefully harm. The opposition in Tajikistan has
many tribunes, the main of which is the media. And they use this
opportunity not for the benefit of the country and the people; they
care only for their own momentary profit.

Alexey Gerasimov

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